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Adolpho captured this video the other day showing their aerial attacks.

The odds are highly unlikely that the eagles will ultimately nest here, as they typically like to be 70-80 feet high in a much more shaded and secluded area.

But I doubt that they are really interested, more like they are desperate.

The male osprey is the one who probably has the greatest desire to maintain the territory, so my bet would go for him to win out in the end.

Many folklorists have also identified history and origin of Halloween as based upon the Roman festivals Pomona and Parentalia though the significant influence of Samhain is more prominently felt.

Samhain marks the Celtic new year by regarding this day as the conclusion of the "lighter half of the year" and the commencement of the "darker half".

You'll find a lot of interesting facts if you read about the history of Halloween holiday in America!

We will just have to wait and see how things play out.” So we’ll keep you posted!

As soon as we have more “expert” news to share, we’ll do so.

The term "Halloween" is derived from the Scottish version of the English term "All Hallows Eve (evening)".

The beliefs surrounding Samhain, which are the basic influences for Halloween facts and trivia, consider this day as the day on which the line or border that separates this world from the world of supernatural or the "other side" become blurred and this is the evening on which spirits can freely enter and roam the human plane of existence.

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